BS5837: 2005 Trees in relation to construction


Under current planning legislation it is the duty of property owners/developers to take into consideration the impact of any proposed development on any trees that may be affected.

The British Standard: 2005 "Trees in relation to construction" gives guidance to developers in the protection of trees during construction.

We work closely with architects, builders, structural engineers and planners to advise on all aspects of trees in relation to construction. We conduct Surveys and Impact Assessments, produce Method Statements and Tree Protection Plans, and can offer post construction planting and maintenance services.

What to expect from our BS5837 service


Boward can act as consultant arborists throughout the planning and construction process. A typical BS5837 serveice might include:

  • Electronic plotting of tree locations.

  • Calculating notional Root Protection Areas.

  • Production of Tree Constraints Plan map and accompanying report.




More information about BS5837: