One of the most important services offered by an arboriculturalist is the provision of new treescapes for generations to come. Expensive maintance works on a tree reaching the end of it's lifespand is usually money wasted. At Boward we promise never to propose such works when removal and replacement is a more practical option.

Boward offers a full service from planning to procurement, planting to management. We regularly work with specialist garden and landscape designers, estate managers and private individuals to create planting and management plans from single trees up to large woodlands and parklands.



Planting a tree or woodland is not the end of story by any means. As you enjoy watching your tree(s) grow and mature and you can help them on their way. By protecting them from deer and rabbits as saplings, mulching around the base to provide extra nutrients, ensuring they have enough light and water and space to grow in.

Boward can help provide all of these services and offer a wealth of knowledgable advice and experience.