When and why do you need a Tree Survey?

Anyone who has trees on their property or is responsible for the maintenance of trees or woodland might decide they need to have some sort of survey. It is a legal requirement that landowners have when intending to carry out construction works adjacent to significant trees planning consent is often dependent on the production of tree surveys, implication assessments and arboricultural method statements that conform to BS5837 standards.
Health & Safety legislation and the proliferation of liability lawsuits has made annual tree inspections a must for individuals and organisations responsible for trees in public places. Changes in the recommended standards for building near trees have resulted in the requirement for tree surveys to be carried out as part of the process to obtain planning permission (see BS5837: 2005 Trees in relation to construction).
Equally, you might want to have a survey to check the health and condition of an individual tree.
Whatever your needs, Boward can help.


Types of surveys


We have many years experience carrying out tree and woodland surveys and producing reports and management plans.
Types of surveys Boward carry out include:

  • Tree Condition Surveys

  • Climbing inspections

  • Health and Safety, Duty of Care or Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (Q.T.R.A.)

  • BS5837 compliant Arboricultural Impact Assessments

  • Tomography and resistograph (Internal Decay Tests)

  • Air spade excavation of areas adjacent to tree roots