Woodchip Bio-fuel and the environment: reducing your carbon footprint


Heating your home by burning wood and plant fuel, also known as ‘biomass’ or ‘biofuel’ is a very sustainable method of energy generation. It is clearly renewable - you just have to plant replacement trees; a relatively rapid process when compared to the build up of fossil fuels. As such, choosing this alternative form power helps offset greenhouse gas emissions, helping to keep our environment in a more stable climate.
The chipped wood from our arboricultural work is stored temporally at our yard, 27 tonnes of which are delivered in the Oxfordshire area as biofuel every month. This includes supply to  personal users and large scale power stations attached to the grid. Boward can supply bio-fuel for either of these purposes, just contact us for information about prices and delivery.



Suppliers of Woodchip Mulch

Just like us, plants and trees need nutrients to grow and remain healthy, but their supply comes from the ground-up. Placing a layer of woodchip mulch around the base of a tree is a good way to keep trees in good condition, as when the debris decomposes elements which the plant needs are more available. We supply mulched woodchip for use in plant beds, around the bases of trees, in playgrounds and parks, and on paths.




Information about woodchip fuel for heating